2 in 1 White Coffee

2 in 1 White Coffee

2 in 1 White Coffee

RM 25.90

Category: White Coffee

Product Feature:
-    No sugar added
-    Replace [Non-Dairy Creamer] with [Fibre Cream]
-    [Fibre Cream] has “Oligosaccharides”, a type of water-soluble dietary fibre, which will not be decomposed by gastric-acid, won’t convert to glucose after drinking and it will not affect blood sugar and blood pressure.
-     “Fibre Cream” can help regulate bacteria in intestines, stimulate intestinal peristalsis and helps defecation.
-    Caffeine Content : 0.51% (102mg/sachet)
-    No Artificial Flavouring
-    No Artificial Colouring
-    Low Fat
-    Low Calorie
-    Low Cholesterol 

Suitable for :
-    People with The Three Highs
-    Loves coffee without sugars
-    Needs refresh from sleepiness 
-    People in diet

After Drink Review
-    A bit of sourness on first sip, the more you drink you will feel the more rich and natural sweetness of the coffee taste.

-    Coffee powder
-    Fibre Cream

Overall Review: 
-    Aromatic :★★★★☆
-    Sweetness :☆☆☆☆☆
-    Smoothness :★★☆☆☆

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