Brown Sugar White Coffee

Brown Sugar White Coffee

Brown Sugar White Coffee

RM 15.90

Category: White Coffee

Product Features:
-    Caffeine : 0.29% (87mg/cup)
-    Used brown sugar to replace caster sugar
-    Low Sugar
-    No Artificial Flavoring
-    Less Bitterness

Packaging Information :
-     12 sachet  x 30 gram (per sachet)

Suitable For:
-    People who like Caramel Taste more than Strong Coffee Taste.

Aftertaste Review:
-    Aromatic coffee smell but Smooth Caramel Taste.

Instant Coffee Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer, Brown Sugar.

Overall Grades:
-   Aroma :★★★★★
-   Sweetness :★★
-   Smoothness :★★★★★

Serving Method:
1)Add 150ml with 85℃  hot water into a cup.
2)Empty 30g of coffee into the cup.
3)Stir well and ready to serve.

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